Afternoon Sangria - White Rhino Signature Backpack

Afternoon Sangria - White Rhino Signature Backpack


Rustic and decadent. This member of the Signature line is an earthy, rich red tone that is versatile and pairs very well with other colors. It is both beautiful and fully functional. The coolest feature of the White Rhino’s Signature Line are the convertible shoulder straps; Easily switch from one shoulder wear to strap classic double arm-strap wear. The bag is a lightweight, yet a sturdy design with multiple compartments inside and out. Main compartment has double zipper for easy access. There’s a secret zippered compartment in the back and two extra compartments in the front. Side pockets have folded detail to fit even more stuff! All interior compartments are fully lined with durable black lining fabric. Main interior compartment has an extra pouch as well as a zippered pouch to keep you organized. Exterior fabric is exquisite quality cruelty-free vegan leather. Very soft and luxurious to the touch and easy to clean with a damp cloth. Hardware is a soft gold finish. The front-most compartment closes with a magnetic snap. This backpack is so cute you'll just want to hug it! Big enough to be a practical big-day-out bag. Fits all your stuff without being cumbersome.

Backpack Dimensions: 5.25 x 9 x 12 inch

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