5 Thoughtful Gifts for a Cruelty Free Valentine

As a child many of us were taught that Valentine’s Day is the day to show your love and appreciation for the special person or people in your life. As we grow up we start to become more and more aware of how much the retail industry leverages this holiday as a way to bump up sales which can feel a little… conflicting.

Love does not equal an expensive gift and if I may quote miss Jenny From the Block “My love don’t cost a thing”. BUT gift-giving is a very romantic gesture when done with thought and the joy in searching for that perfect item can be just as enjoyable as presenting the gift itself. We encourage you to express your love every day, and when you’d like to show your love without saying anything at all - Here are a few thoughtful gifts that can be given to your favorite cruelty free enthusiast to make them feel extra special this Valentine’s Day.

1.   Cupid's Arrow Two Tone Charm Bangle

When we think of Valentine’s, jewelry is one of the first things that comes to mind. This is an adorable accessory that will make this Valentine’s Day a special one. This Two-Tone Cupido’s Arrow has an expandable wire bangle, in Rafaelian Silver Finish, that carries your heart to its intended recipient with a message of love and care. Each cuff is crafted with a durable, flexible wire that adjusts to the perfect fit. It can be given together with any other option as an extra touch of love! The website has a number of great gift options to browse through!

2.     Afternoon Sangria - White Rhino Signature Backpack

Backpacks are a common accessory, but this one is totally an upgrade! Made with vegan leather this bag has a rich red tone that goes with everything. It is a stand-out item from the White Rhino’s Signature Line and the straps can be converted.

This bag was definitely designed with storage space in mind - it has pockets and more pockets and another pocket on top of that. The hardware has a beautiful gold finishing, and the front pocket closes with a magnetic snap. Soft to touch and super practical to clean with a damp cloth. It is a must-to-have accessory. The bag is lightweight, and with all that space it is very useful for day-to-day without being bulky.

This bag is definitely a one of a kind that is fashionable and functional – that unique gift she will love this Valentine’s day!

3.     Iris and Orchid Face Mask Set

Is your Valentine also a skincare lover? Give your special someone the perfect gift for keeping their skin feeling and looking great! The Iris and Orchid Face Mask Set, is made of all-natural products, no chemicals or preservatives have been added and is cruelty-free. An amazing gift and affordable pricing all packed into one. Iris and Orchid only uses natural ingredients that are clean and safe for long-term use. Nourishing formula paired with eco-friendly ingredients make this a gift you will both feel great about. Maybe you can enjoy a mini spa day at home together! Why not! Prices start from $20.00 for a pack of 4 face mask. If your Valentine is a skin care lover who appreciates cruelty-free cosmetics, this option will make them very happy! (not vegan)

4.     Palomino - White Rhino Signature Shoulder Bag

If your lady is a hard working 9-5’er This high-fashion and functional piece might be the one! This member of the Signature Line from White Rhino Bags is a super sophisticated light tan color, neutral but still bold. If she loves fashion and style this is a shoulder bag that can be used everyday.

It can be adjusted for single shoulder or cross shoulder wear and has well thought out compartments inside and out. The great charm is the diagonal front flap detail which has two hidden magnets inside to close effortlessly. Space and compartments for small items are on the front and inside so it can fit makeup, mobile phone, keys and much more. Very soft and luxurious to the touch of a high quality cruelty-free vegan leather. You can't go wrong with this bag. The website also offers a Gift card option if you’re ever stuck on which color or style to choose!

5. Vegan Cookbooks

Now here’s a gift that keeps on giving! Imagine dinner dates at home, cooking side by side preparing beautiful meals to enjoy together! Now that sounds romantic. Vegan.com has prepared an amazing list of vegan cookbooks that would make a very thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift and will continue to bring joy into your lives all year long. With recipes covering just about every style of cuisine including Spanish, Caribbean and Soul Food there’s something for every preference!

So there are 5 Valentine’s Gift ideas you might consider, we hope that this inspired you with a few cruelty free ideas! Remember to keep the spirit of love and appreciation with you everyday, and take every opportunity to tell the people in your life how much you value them. A long warm hug or a note by the coffee machine in the morning goes a long way! And never forget how great it feels to just share a smile.

Wishing you all the love and happiness this Valentine’s Day! May your heart always be full! xoxo